Demount and remount

This bench system is unique, the big advantage is that all cabinets, drawers, shelves, etc. can be easily taken apart and then simply reassembled completely without tools. Which fits perfectly when there are high hygiene requirements

Suitable for machine wash

Cleaning can be done by hand or in a dishwasher or sterilization dish. The size of the components are suitable for machine wash.


Complete system

Even our shelving system has the same hygienic advantages, shelves and brackets can be easily removed for cleaning. The fixed wall rail is open to make cleaning easier.

MediClean is a very comprehensive system with many designs, for example raising and lowering benches in different variants. All parts can be ordered in customer-specific dimensions as well as with many different edge profiles.


Due to the fact that the details can be removed, you can also change places on cabinets and drawers. This also makes it easy to add parts when needed.

The images above show a scenario where a relocation of cabinets and drawers takes place.


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