Transport all hospital beds available on the market.

Our bedmover is a new development where the focus is on being able to transport all hospital beds available on the market. It can grab the wheelbase from inside or outside and automatically adjust the grip to different wheel sizes between 100-250 mm. In addition, it is very low when bed is to be gripped, which means that even though there is much equipment under the bed, gripping is possible.


According to a survey conducted at Örebro University Hospital in Sweden, a total of 39,534 internal patient transports were carried out in one year. Manually transporting a bed does not only cause a risk
of wear damage but is also time-consuming and often done by two employees.With our MediCar 2.0 bed carrier, the transport can easily and quickly be carried out by one person without any risk of injury.



One problem for many transport departments is that there are many different bed models and some of them are very complicated. Therefore it is dif cult to nd a bedmover that can handle all types of beds. MediCar 2.0 is the carrier that can take all your beds thanks to a unique grip device that grabs the bed by the wheels.



Transporting a patient involves a responsibility that the patient feels secure and safely arrives to the destination.

This requires the bedmover to be reliable, easy to maneuver and user friendly in order for the operator to carry out their transport in the best possible way.

MediCar 2.0 has a well-developed steering, where we have focused on simplicity and driving characteristics, no joysticks or other advanced controls.

There is also a self-developed solution in the steering that allows the carrier to keep a straight course automatically, which makes it easier for both cornering and straight-distance driving.

The ride-on platform not only makes transportation a pleasure but also enables higher speeds and avoids wear on the joints and feet.

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MediCar can estimate the wheel size to be grasped. No manual adjustments are needed between different sizes.The gripping cycle stops automatically.


The control panel is easy to understand with only two control buttons that communicate with a number of sensors that make the movements automatically stops in the correct position.


Thanks to the intelligent wheel grip system, there are a variety of wheel-borne items that can be gripped and transported.


Medicar M 1220


Model for the simpler beds or wheelchairs where there is a framework to grab.

  • Grips on frame
  • Built-in charger
  • Weight 65 kg
  • Length 940mm
  • Width 595mm

Medicar 2.0 M 2000


Our most exible model with focus on being able to transport all hospital beds and stretchers available on the market.

  • Grips on wheels
  • Built-in charger
  • Weight 140 kg
  • Length 1030mm
  • Width 930mm

75% of the MediCar 2.0 body is pure battery power.This means it can service every shift instead of being parked for charging.


Battery indicator integrated in the cover for overview of battery capacity.The charger is built-in and can be connected to a standard wall outlet when needed.


Handle and ride-on platform are easy to fold up so that MediCar becomes very compact, which makes it suitable for smaller elevators, for example.

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