Cabinet system for hospitals and pharmacies

MediCab is a cabinet system that can be adapted to many different applications, as well as drying, heating and storage. The cabinets are built on a frame of aluminum profiles.

The wall surfaces are made of stainless steel insulated with 25mm insulation. All surfaces and panels are smooth and all joints are tightly glued.The cabinets have smoke-stained glass doors, giving a sleek impression.

Warming cabinet

MediCab warming cabinet with its customizable interior and adjustable temperature makes it optimal to heat and store both liquids, gel pads, textiles etc.

All of our products are manufactured in Sweden with high quality components, which leads to a cabinet with high reliability and long service life.


Drying cabinet

MediCab drying cabinet is an economical investment that
is time-saving in your washing process. Drying in the drying cabinet releases the washer faster to handle new materials and in addition, the drying results are also ensured on complicated details with tight spaces and water collections.

Using push buttons, the operator selects the drying time, 20/40/60 minutes, which is deemed necessary.The digital panel shows how many minutes are left of the drying time.

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