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MediQuality is the collective name of the 4 different areas of healthcare and pharmacies we have targeted.

This is MediQuality

MediQuality is part of the industrial group Silver & Stal Enterprises AB.

We have been active in the hospital sector for over 40 years and have developed a number of innovative products and solutions over the years. Our great commitment to quality is there in everything we do, which reflects in our high quality products.

Our main focus is internal hospital and pharmacy logistics with products in storage, transport, patient transport and interior. We work with standard products but also customized to give you the solution that is optimal for you as a customer.

Our vision is to be a reliable supplier and be the obvious choise when it comes to internal hospital logistics. We are innovative and always try to find solutions to problems and solutions that make it easier for you to work.


Our bed carrier is a new development where the focus is on being able to transport all hospital beds and stretchers available on the market. 


MediCarGo is a collective name for several distribution systems for sterile goods, pharmacy products, textiles, etc.  All systems makes shipping and storage of articles more efficient. The trolleys can be moved by hand or by truck.


MediCab is a cabinet system that can be adapted to many different applications, such as drying, heating or heating and storage.


This bench system is unique, the big advantage is that all
cabinets, drawers, shelves, etc. can be easily unmounted, washed (by hand or machine) and then simply re-mounted, completely without tools. The system is perfect when there are strict hygiene requirements.

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